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IELTS Cue Card 21 : Talk about a city you once visited and liked

IELTS Cue Card: Talk about a city you once visited and liked
India is a diverse country and
there are so many cities which are worth visiting. I haven’t visited many
cities because I prefer to assist my parents in the work but here I would like
to talk about the city that I visited with my family.
Actually my relatives are living
in the City Chandigarh and 3 months ago, we visited Chandigarh to meet them.After
spending a day with them, we decided to visit the famous tourist attractions of
the city.The city is beautifully built and it was designed by some foreign
Then we visited the Rock garden.
We found that all the sculptures had been entirely made from waste
materials.this famous garden was designed by Nek Chand.He was recognised by the
Indian government for propagating the message of reusing the things which we
throw away. We saw all the designs and took many pictures there. We also
enjoyed food in a restaurant outside the garden.
After spending some more time, we
left for the Sukhna Lake which was also near by the garden. It is a man-made
Lake and after buying the boating tickets , we enjoyed boating for half an
hour. I and my cousins made some videos also.
Next day, we also visited the
mini zoo and the rose garden.The city touched my heart because it is so clean
and it is the best example of modern cities. In fact the citizens are also
aware of their duties.
So Chandigarh was the city which
I once visited and I liked it.


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