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IELTS Cue Cards 14 : Talk about an important decision you made with the help of someone

IELTS Cue Cards: Talk about an important decision you made with the help of someone

Some decisions are important and they should be taken
carefully. It is better to have advice of others while taking such decisions.
The decisions which involve spending of money should be evaluated because wrong
decisions can cause loss or worthless spending.
Here I would like to talk about one such incident when my
elder cousin helped me in choosing a suitable phone for me. My father bought me
a phone when I was in 12th Standard. Over time, it became outdated
and also, it was not working properly. So I needed a new phone for me few
months back. Since I didn’t know much about mobile phones so I asked my parents
about which phone to buy but they also had no idea how to choose a suitable phone. 
Then I talked to my elder cousin because I knew that he had worked in a mobile shop.
Before suggesting me anything, he tried to know for what purpose I would use
the phone. Since, I was a student so I was looking for the phone which would
help me in my studies. So the phone must have calculator, converter, and
translator and must be able to open e-books and PDF. Also, it must have
powerful processor to open large books. 
After that he compared many models of
his mobile phone and one of them touched my heart. It was the Nokia 5 model and
the price was also affordable because there was a 20% discount on the price on
amazon. Then he ordered the phone for me and after 7 days I received the mobile
phone and after utilizing it for a month I was happy and satisfied, and I thanked
him to help me in making the right decision. 
So this was the time when I could choose
right phone for me with the help of my cousin


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