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IELTS Cue Card 13 : Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

IELTS Cue Cards: Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

Toys are like good friends to the children. They can play
with toys for hours in day. Almost every one of us has played with toys in our
childhood. Nowadays, electronic toys are coming into the market which can move
by itself. Also toys with AI (artificial technology) can interact with children
and talk to them like real friends. Exclusive toy shops are attracting the
parents with children.
In my childhood, my father used to buy me toys from fairs. I
had a collection of toys. Here I would like to talk about a toy car. It was given
to me on my 9th Birthday by my father. It was different because it
was remote controlled. It was uncommon to see remote controlled toy cars in
those day and such toy cars were expensive also. Nobody in my group of friends
had such car.
It was red coloured, automatic and operated on 4 batteries.
It has front and rear lights, and could turn with press of buttons on remote.
It looked and ran just like real cars. It also played music while running.
Like every child, I was happy to play with the toy car. I
played with it for hours daily. I always hesitated to share the car with my
friends because I was afraid they could break it. I was so much possessive of
this toy.
There are many incidents associated to this toy car. I
remember, my father took us for vacations to Shimla. And I hid the car in
luggage bag to take it with me. My father snatched the car and shouted to stay
away from it for some time .My parents were annoyed at my over-playing with
this car.
I still have this toy car. It is not working but I have
preserved it as sweet memory of my childhood. So this was the toy that I liked
in my childhood.


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