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IELTS Essay 69 Volume 6 (V6E69)

If you were an employer, which kind of worker would you prefer to hire: an inexperienced worker at a lower salary or an experienced worker at a higher salary? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

(a) If I were an employer, I would hire a worker depending upon the type of the work my organization deals with. There are many types of organizations that deal with different works like industry, restaurants, consultancy, banks, forum etc. And depending upon these types of organizations, the working personal also varies. If I belong to the organization that works for building and construction, and I require workers for the same purpose, then I would surely hire inexperienced workers at a lower salary. By doing this I will make my organization more cost effective, as for building and construction purpose, more numbers of workers are required, and this helps cutting down expenses. Also, when the work is related to the physical work, then more than experience, the desire to work counts. If the person is inexperienced, then he can learn how to work, until he has desired to work. But, if the organization is related to the professional levels, then in such case, experienced workers are highly required. So, the type of the work is directly related to requirement of the experienced or inexperienced worker with respect to the amount of the salary. As I am related with the international organization, I would prefer an experienced worker even at a higher salary.

Experience is the most important criteria for getting professional job. Experience makes the person perfect. And perfect ones can only work effectively and efficiently by the time they join the organization. Even for the experienced person, it takes some time to understand the way the organization works and the management over there. So, for the inexperienced person, it takes almost months to years to know the working atmosphere of the organization depending upon the type of work. The total amount of the salary the worker gets by the completion of work is almost same whether the worker is experienced or inexperienced. Training is required for an inexperienced worker and the training expenses can be more. But for the experienced worker, training is not required, one can just understand by observing, and managing oneself. The experienced one can get the job done soon while, the inexperienced worker takes double the time. Double the time means double the salary one gets. So, whether one is experienced or not, total amount of the salary, the employer has to pay is somewhat equivalent. Organization values its overall human resources, no matter whomever; all are integral part for its existence. For the long-term development and for the Excellency, experienced worker needs to be hired.

I work in the international organization that deals with the e-consultation. If the inexperienced person was hired for the same job, then he would almost take 6 months to understand what’s going on. But if the person is experienced one, he needs not more than one month to get involved. For such an organization, Excellency is of prior than the amount of salary that is to be paid. Also, it’s not sure that even after training, the inexperienced person can work effectively. In the medical shop, if I have to hire the sales man than, I would go for the experienced one even at the higher salary. Experience is the most important criteria for employing as the work is relates to the health of many people.

So in my point of view, experienced workers are more effective than inexperienced ones regardless of the amount.

(b) Organization of the company or doing the responsibility of hiring workers for the company is a tough job. And as an employer it’s a very hard decision to hire an inexperienced worker at a lower salary or a knowledgeable worker at a higher salary. Saving money and making money both are the foremost issues for an employer. I would definitely go for the later. And in order to make lot of money I would go for a skilled worker although it will cost me to pay more salary but still I be getting the sufficient satisfactory results from my worker’s experience.

Today technology and information are two basic key foundations of any kind of business. And to run the business successfully one has to be aware of these changes. And to my belief only experienced person can deal with those kinds of changes.

Experienced person not only opens gates of success for himself but also for the company he is working for. Nevertheless he will contribute his share to the company’s success by his expertise. Every employer wants progress and success in his field, therefore to get his goals by hiring experienced workers are an excellent idea. This will eventually help the company to compete in this challenging competitive world.

Only experienced workers can bring advancement to their company. As an employer I would expect my employees to cope with this rapidly changing, demanding world. Advancement and changes marks the day today and only and an experienced worker can help his other colleagues with his awareness and knowledge to help them familiar with these changes. Although hiring qualified worker could cost me more money but at the end it would be more benefited for the company.

Just to save some money by hiring an inexperienced, raw, unproven worker at low wages would eventually going to cost me more in terms of compromising myself with delay in completion of work. I would definitely not going to compromise on the terms of success and progress of the company to save some money.

In conclusion, I see long-term benefit by hiring an experienced worker at higher salary. It will bring success and prosperity to the company and that will definitely lead to making money too.

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