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P2 : Advantages of Learning Writing Skills at City Coaching Centre

Learn to write 7 band essay
Advantages of
Writing Skills at
City Coaching

1) 8 Volumes of collection of essays (Easy, Advanced, Moderate) for
the students which they can choose according to their requirements and
2)  Pre-Written Essay Workbooks/Notebooks Available for practice
3)  Essay Checking services at City Coaching centre with Examiner’s
comments & advice and recommendations of relevant exercises for
4)  Exclusive classes for Improving Writing Skills
5)  Learn Expression of ideas through sentences in English
6)  Learn how to Structure English Sentences while ensuring the
correct use of Grammar rules
7)  Extra classes for learning the grammar rules
8)  Learn Vocabulary with Enhanced meaning in the easy ways without
any need to cram them
9)  Upgradation of your writing skills with respect to the band
descriptor of IELTS
10)            Proper and accurate assessment
of essays according to Band Descriptor
11)            A enthusiastic environment
where students can ask questions and find solutions to their queries
12)            Easy ways to upgrade Vocabulary


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