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Random Essay ER10: Some people believe that they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or disagree with the above notion? You should write at least 250 words.

Some people believe that they should keep all the
money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or
disagree with the above notion? You should write at least 250 words.
Model Answer 1:
A group of people
think that residents should keep all their earnings and should not have an
obligation in paying taxes to the government. I personally disagree with the
statement as taxes are useful for the residents and the nation themselves, and
the following essay will discuss it in details.
To begin with, it is
a fact that taxes are used by the government for developing its nations. Taxes
are allocated for various kinds of essential matters. Firstly, they are used
for expanding and maintaining public transportation facilities, such expanding
roads and highways, and replacing old public transportation units. Secondly,
taxes are utilised for providing decent medical services and basic educations
for their residents. And last but not least, taxes are also used for funding
military services, which is important for maintaining the political stability
of a nation.
And then, people
should also notice that taxes that they have paid, will also be beneficial for
themselves sooner or later. Some of the funds that have been collected by tax
authorities are used for retirement funds. It means that in the end people will
enjoy and benefit some personal facilities from the government, which are
funded from taxes. Therefore people should not keep their earnings to
themselves and they should comply in paying their tax duties and
In conclusion, I do
not agree if we should keep all our income and not pay any taxes to the
government, as taxes are beneficial for the development of the people and the
nation themselves.
Whether people
should pay tax to the government or not is an argument of great debate. Some
people think that it is government’s responsibility to raise money from other
sectors and should not take the portion of a person’s hard earning cash while
others stand just opposite of this opinion. I believe if the government spend
the money for the benefit of the citizen, as it meant to be for every country,
and value  the mass people’s opinions and
suggestions how to best use the money, then there is nothing wrong with the tax
paying method and rather had many positive reasons to do so.
Those who are
against the tax paying system often opine that the government should never take
their hard earning money for the sake of country’s development scheme. This is
especially true for those who earn an amount that barely supports  his/her family and who are not satisfied with
the public service provided by the government. In many countries, people have
to pay a tax of more than a quarter of the total earning of a year and yet do
not get basic facilities like treatment, education and they have to spend their
own pocket money for those purposes. This is very natural that they become
angry about the tax paying.
But tax , collected
from the people of a country can be a great fund to use for their betterment by
the government. There are lots of poor people who can be benefited from the tax
paid by the others. The government can build more roads, offer public services,
and can introduce other useful scheme using the money. Almost in most of the
countries, people who earn more than a predefined amount have to pay tax and
not for those who earn less than that amount. So Government is not forcing poor
people to pay tax but those who are able to pay tax.    
(Approximately 315 words)
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