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Random Essays ER3: Now the machine is very complex and a lot of difficult work is automated. Does this machine automation have more pros than cons?

Now the machine is very complex and a lot of
difficult work is automated. Does this machine automation have more pros than
Modern technology has equipped us with
machines, which are working like robots. There are positive and negative
effects of these machines on the individual and the society, which I shall
highlight in this essay. Overall the pros outweigh the cons.
On the positive side, machines are faster, more
convenient and energy saving. Households and industries are much facilitated
with machines. Personal use of machines gives people more free time to spend
with family and pursue hobbies. Likewise, industrial use of machines reduces
manpower for work and increases output. In the words of Oscar Wilde – β€œOn
mechanical slavery, on the slavery of the machine, the future of the world
Moreover, computer machines or robots manage
our banks and even the tickets at the airport are issued by machine-robot. The
computerization certainly relieves human beings from dull repetitive tasks
without any human error. What is more, robotic surgery is being done to
overcome the limitation of human beings such as trembling of human hands.
Microscopic surgeries and eye operations can be better done with the help of
robotic surgeons.
On the negative side, machines reduce the need
of manual work, which can lead to unemployment especially in the developing
countries. What is more, insufficient knowledge of machine handling and
operating is detrimental to uneducated workers and they end up getting injuries
or disabilities while working with machines. Technical failures can also
disturb the whole working system and lead to losses. Other negative effects of
machines are on the health of individuals, especially the housewives who rely
heavily on machines for the household chores. Machines are a failure where
creative work is required. For example, machines cannot reproduce the unique
and original work done by many artisans. It has been rightly said that a machine
can do the work of a thousand ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of
one extraordinary man.
Overall, the positive effects of machines
outweigh the negative effects on the individual and society. However, in
developing countries, in order to meet the employment needs of the population,
a balance has to be maintained between manual work and mechanization.


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