IELTS Cue Card 42 : Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

Nowadays, a number of technical gadgets are available in the market which we can buy and use without having any special technical knowledge. But there is a learning curve for everyone, initially we may find it difficult to properly use all features of the gadgets properly but over the time, we become comfortable in using the gadgets properly.

Same thing happened with me, when last year, I bought a computer. I had never used computer before, even in schools, it was a paper based study. Computer was an optional subject and in place of computer, I chose Physical education. In college, again, it was paper based study and I felt no need of computer.

But then I read an article in newspaper that computer knowledge had become necessary for getting into a job. I got worried about my career. I requested my parents to buy me a PC. They agreed and bought me a laptop. I was happy but it was not easy for me to get a hand on it in the starting. I started typing a document in Microsoft word but my typing speed was so slow and I had to look for the keys for every word. It gave me a big headache.

Then I asked my friend to help me in learning the functions of laptop. Continuously for one month, I sat with my friend to learn its features and functions. I kept on working on it and after a year, I finally could use office softwares, Photoshop, entertainment applications, internet on this laptop. Now I teach my family member about it and my mother can use it for listening to music. I am very happy that I learnt how to use computer.

I think, if we keep on trying, we can learn anything. So this was the laptop which I bought but I found it difficult to use at first.


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