IELTS Cue Card 43 : Describe the happiest day you had

Life is a mixture of happy and sad days. When we live in a family, we have shared dreams with our family members. Our parents raise us from the day first and want to see us becoming a self-dependent person one day.

With this dream, my parents nourished me with the best of care, spent money on me for schooling and also gave me love & care. My mother helped me finish my homework daily. My father bought stationary and books for me. Continuously for 15 years, they provided me the resources to get school education.

My parents became more focused on my education when I was in 12th Standard as this was the last year of my school education. And depending upon my marks, I would get better opportunities for college education.

So my parents wanted me to do well in this year. After a lot of hard work, I scored well and finished final year of my schooling in first division. And I became eligible for any higher education stream in the college. When I received the result, that day was the happiest one in my life. It was years of hard work of me and my parents. They wanted me to finish my schooling in first division and I did it. The day of result declaration was very special one for me as it brought the fruit of my efforts at last. It also brought new opportunities, joy of going to a college and entering into a different phase of life. My father gifted me a new mobile phone out of happiness.

I also arranged a party for my batch-mates. I celebrated this achievement day.So this was the happiest day which I had.

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Another Sample

Well, I had experienced numerous happy moments throughout my life but here I would like to talk about a time when I was really happy. That was the time of my mother’s birthday.

It was on 25th of January 2019. My mother is the closest persons in my life and I love her a lot. So I decided to organize a small party for her in a restaurant. Moreover it was a surprise part so mother had no knowledge about the party in advance.

I booked the part hall in a nearby restaurant for evening time. I decorated the hall by my own hands with balloons, buntings and ribbons. I also prepared a pineapple cake for my mother because my mother is fond of having cakes and pastries. I and my friends prepared a dance performance. I invited my paternal and maternal families, my friends and my mother loves friend.

In the evening, when my mother came to know about surprise party, she got emotional. We started the party. First of all, we cut the cake then I served refreshment to all the guests. I and my friends did dance performance and I also sang a song for her. When i was singing a song then there were tears in my mother’s eyes out of happiness.

Moreover, i bought a present for my mother. It was a gold necklace because that was my mother’s desire to have a gold necklace. So I had decided to give her on her birthday. When I gave it to my mother then she was feeling like in seventh heaven. She now wears this necklace on special occasions. We clicked so many photographs. Some of the photographs were really nice.

I was feeling so good for my mother. I was lucky that I got a chance to do something for my mother. That day gave me unforgettable pleasant memories.

So my mother’s birthday was the  time when I was quite excited.                 


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