IELTS Cue Card 50: Describe an important journey that was delayed

Well, I am a fond of hanging out with my family and friends. I had made abundance of Journeys in my life. Here, I would like to talk about a time when a journey was delayed due to my personal reason.

That was the time of approximately 6 months ago when I was in 5th semester of my graduation(/12th class). My college arranged a trip to Dalhousie. It was an educational trip to hilly areas. So it was quite essential for students to take part in that trip.

I was quite excited because I wanted to gain knowledge, new experience. I did all preparations of travel, packed my luggage but unluckily, few hours before leaving for journey, suddenly my grand-mother started feeling pain in her heart. My brother and any other member of my family were not present. Only I and my mother were present. I arranged an ambulance and admitted my grandmother to hospital.

At that time, I was in dilemma how I would manage my time and how I would reach at my destination on right time. I talked to my teacher over phone.Thankfully, teacher gave positive response and co-operated, and he assured me that they would wait for me and manage somehow.

When my brother came to the hospital to look after my grandmother, then I left hospital for joining trip. After 4 hours I reached my college and said thanks to my teachers for cooperation but by that time, the journey was already delayed for 4 hours.

Eventually, I was happy that I had fulfilled my both responsibilities towards my family and my studies.

So it was a time when journey was delayed.

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