IELTS Cue Card 49: Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone

It is common to see people using mobile phones at public places. No doubt, we should keep etiquette while we are at a public places and also follow the rules regulations regarding the use of mobile phones. Usually, statutory warnings are displayed not to use the cell phones at sensitive public places, but people often ignore them and cause disturbance to others.

I came across one such situation when I visited hospital to see my friend’s mother. She underwent a surgery and was in the hospital. While I was sitting in the hospital by her side, I received the call and as usual, I attended the call. While I was busy in talking over phone, a nurse approached me and told that use of cell phones was not allowed in the hospital premises and the same was clearly mentioned at the entrance gate of the hospital.

I immediately ended the call and explained the nurse that I could not notice the notice regarding cellphone. I was feeling embarrassed. I apologize to her and she left me with the warning. I switched off my mobile phone.

First time, I realised that we should not use mobile phones in hospitals and other public places because unknowingly, we disturb other people. Now I advise my friends to use mobile phone at public places carefully and to avoid it at restricted places.

So this was a time when I was not allowed to use mobile phone.

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