IELTS Cue Card 48: Describe a person in the news that you want to meet

There are some people in the country who always remain in news because of the national and political importance. I follow some of the persons in the news because through them, I make my Outlook on national affairs.

One such person is Mr. Ravish Kumar. He is a journalist, reporter and news anchor in NDTV which is a popular national news channel. 20 years back, he started his career with nominal beginning, but then he progressed and became Famous TV figure. Recently he won the prestigious Roman-Magsasay award which means he was awarded with the title of best journalist of the world. He has also won best journalist title of India many times. He is a person who speaks on issues of journal public and becomes the voice of Public before the government.

Last year, he covered his longest series on education system of India which expanded to 30 episodes and explored the underlying system problems in the education system. He makes reports after thorough research. He is not biased and his work standards & principles are never influenced by any ideology or political pressure.

Now, he writes columns in newspapers and also appears in prime time show on NDTV 5 days a week. His contribution to the fourth pillar of democracy, which is media, is difficult to be expressed in words.

I am greatly influenced with his knowledge dedication and opinion making skills. This kind of person is very much needed in today’s pressing world. If I get a chance, I would definitely like to meet him and thank him for bringing the truth to the public.

So he is a person in news that I want to meet.

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