IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 50 Volume 6 (V6E50)

People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer.

(a) “People will work because they need money to live.” Though I do believe that there are a lot of other reasons for people to work. I will enumerate each of these reasons in the following paragraphs.

According to me, all of us have an inbuilt burning desire to SUCCEED. Success is a combination of professional achievements and then earning money as a result of these. Even if one of these components is missing, one will not derive true pleasure of having succeeded. Thus it is a big chain of events, one enjoys one’s work, and the moment one’s work is not to complete a job but an enjoyment, and one works even harder. More hard work over the long run inevitably leads to professional excellence, which in turn translates in monetary benefits.

Secondly, when a person works hard, he contributes directly or indirectly to society. This feeling that “I have some worth and am contributing to betterment of society” is very important for mental happiness. Being an orthopedic surgeon myself, I have experienced this numerous times. If a patient comes to me with a fracture and then goes home walking, the pleasure I derive is phenomenal even if I do not derive substantial monetary benefit from this.

I also want to add that work gives money and in this day and age, even for social work one might want to do, one needs funds. Money thus earned can be given for various charitable causes thus giving a tremendous sense of satisfaction and well-being.

I therefore strongly believe that one of the important reasons that people work is for money for them and for their family, there are many, significantly more important reasons for working and these are the ones, which actually keeps life going.

(b) There are many reasons for people to work. For one reason, people work to make money to live. For another reason, people work to make self-realization. Lastly, people work to promote the progress of our society. In this essay, I will use specific examples and details to discuss the last two reasons for people to work.

People work not only for money but also for self-realization. By working people can feel satisfaction about themselves? This is because by working, people can apply what they have learned before into reality. They can feel they are good and useful to their society. Those satisfactions about themselves will generate happiness and motivations to better develop themselves. For example, I have a friend, who always wondered whether the knowledge he had learned in the school was useful or not. After he worked, he applied what he had learned into reality and got satisfactions about himself. He has confidences now and also feels he should go on with his study in the future. So we can see by working, one can make self-realization.

Another reason for people to work is because of the requirement of the development of our society. The progress of the society depends on each member in it. The societies, which are made up of hard-working people usually, make more progress than those made up of people who do not work. The wealth of the society is made by people’s work. Moreover, if one society gets wealthier and stronger, it can do more goods to the members of it. The influences are inter-countered.In short, people work not only because of money. They work also because they want to make self-realization and make contributions to the development of their society. Since the societies are m

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