IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 49 Volume 6 (V6E49)

Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

(a) Working is a pleasure for me. It gives me satisfaction as and a feeling of achievement and fulfillment. Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. I prefer to work for a large company as it gives me opportunities to learn and grow. Working in a large organization also results in monetary benefits.

I am currently working in a multinational company, a world leader in education and training. While working here for last five years, I have been bestowed upon by innumerable opportunities to learn while working. I have attended several on the job training that have helped me grow into a tech savvy. These training are essential for each one of us in this organization. Actually, I am paid for learning. Isn’t it a wonderful concept of earning while learning?

A large organization focuses on new ventures to expand the business. Hence, in large organizations, one can grab many opportunities to grow. The more you learn and prove your knowledge by application, the more opportunities you get to grow. A large organization consists of different divisions, such as Sales, Marketing, Development, Media, and Research & Development. According to the personal interests and expertise in an area, one can pursue his/her career while learning and growing.

Another major reason for opting for a large organization to work is job stability. A large organization is well established in its field of business. The employees in such organizations do not have to worry about the shutdown of the organization. Job security is one of the keywords in the fast changing business world. To sum up, a large organization with focus on expansion, one can get many opportunities to learn and grow. As learning new things is my area of interest, I prefer to work in a well-established, large organization. In addition, such a job gives me a feeling of accomplishment, growth, and security.

(b) I prefer to work for a small company at the beginning of my career because I will learn a more general perspective of that organization, I will have more opportunities to be promoted, and I can use that kind of experience to any job in the future.

Working in a small company help you to understand how all the company works, how all the departments relate to each other. For example, I had the opportunity to work for a small newspaper in the Production Department as a Production Manager Assistant and I deal with different departments such us Advertising, Technical Writing, Distribution, and Accounting. I had the opportunity to visit all the departments and learn the functions of each of them and how all of them contribute to main company goal.

Smaller companies have fewer employees and fewer policies and provide you more freedom to make changes and try new ideas and improvements. Managers can notice your work and recognize you more often. When I worked in small newspaper, I participated in business meetings with all the Departments Managers and with the General Manager and the Owner of the company. We did not only talk about business but also about other personal topics and we have the opportunity to know each other more.

The learning experience in a small company is more general and provides you with an overall knowledge of an organization and builds you a helpful background that can be applied in other departments and also in other companies. When I worked in other companies such us a Textile Factory, Cement Corporation or a Customer Service Company, I was able to identify the different relationships among the different departments and I was able to identify the main goal of the company and work for it.

Working in a small company gives a you a better perspective of the organization as whole company working towards a goal, provide you more opportunities to be recognized and deal with the decision makers of a company and provide with a better background and valuable experience to be use in other departments and also in other companies.

In short, for all the reasons I have stated above, I would much prefer to work for a small company.

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