IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 19 Volume 6 (V6E19)

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

(a) It’s surely not so easy to be a good supervisor because you have to manage so many things and to deal with a lot of people, including your employees. In my opinion, the most important qualities a good supervisor should have are discretion, finesse and impartiality. Since a supervisor is usually responsible for a company, project, or business, etc., he will certainly meet many difficulties and problems and require him to make correct decisions. If a supervisor has not discretion and hesitate to solve the problems, he, of course, can’t deal with them well, and he maybe lose some chances of business or cause greater damage because of his hesitation.

Besides discretion, I think a good supervisor should have finesse and impartiality. Usually a supervisor will supervise several employees. It is common there is some conflict of interest among the employees. How to make the employees get along with one another well is a task for a good supervisor. Generally speaking, if a supervisor treats his employees impartially, he can reduce or avoid the conflict of interest among the employees and make them work hard. Jinny was a supervisor in my company, when there was a chance of promotion in her department, she gave the chance to a employee who worked very hard, not to her relative who also worked in her department. All employees said nothing bad about the promotion but respected her.

As a supervisor, a person has to not only do his work well, but also manage his company or team well. In order to be a good supervisor, the most important qualities he should have are discretion, finesse and impartiality.

(B) I am a person who sincerely believes in Elton Mayo’s Human Resource approach to management. According to him the key assets of an organization are it’s employees.

Hence I personally believe that one of the most important quality that boss should possess should be to guarantee employee satisfaction.

An organization is as good as its employees. Hence the supervisor should have the knack of selecting the best possible employees. He should be able to identify talent when he sees it. He should create a good working atmosphere for his employees so that they can give their best.

He should also offer appropriate remuneration packages to keep his employees motivated. He should follow an open door policy wherein the employees are encouraged to come forward with their suggestions and grievances. There should not be a barrier of any sort between the employee and the boss.

The employee who is part of an organization, which follows the above policies, will feel motivated to give his best, which in turn will prove instrumental in the success of the organization. Mr. Narayan Murthy CEO of Infosys, a software consultancy firm in India has all the above qualities. Hence his organization has been voted the best organization in India For three years running.

A boss should also have the tactical acumen to take the right decisions at the right time. After all the success of the organization depends on the kind of decisions he takes.

He should also have the leadership capabilities to command the respect of his employees. He should lead by example. He should be prepared to accept his mistakes.

Thus I would conclude by saying that a boss should be a person who inspires his employees to give their 100 percent and also should be able to take the right decisions at the right time.

(c) What are the qualities of a good supervisor? Every one of us might have supervisors during her life. We spend a lot of time with them, work for them and generally, try to make them satisfy with our work. Usually we don’t have the opportunity to choose our supervisors. But what if we could? What would be the most important qualities of a good supervisor?

The first important quality of a good supervisor is that a good a supervisor should have good interpersonal relations with his employees. This includes being interested in the employees’ professional work as well as in their personal feelings. Take for example the case of my supervisor, Tom. When I don’t feel well because of personal troubles, Tom asks me about my feelings, trying to give me good advice that will solve the problem. I know that my personal troubles are not related to my work. Even though, it is really good to know that the person you are working for takes care about your feelings and not only about your productivity.

The second important quality of a good supervisor is that a good supervisor should correct your mistakes, trying to explain you what is the right way to implement the assignment you have. For instance, when my supervisor saw that the report I prepared was written improperly, he called me to his office, explained my mistakes and told me how to write it properly. I am sure that in the next time I write such a report, I will do it properly…

In conclusion, a good supervisor should have two important qualities: he should have good interpersonal relations with his employees and he should explain them how to fulfill promptly an assignment they have. In an organization that is based on teamwork, good supervisor might mean good employees and good team always usually means good productivity. 

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