IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 20 Volume 6 (V6E20)

Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, and subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

(a) All means of transportation should be kept in good conditions. However, I believe it would be most beneficial for a country or city, if its government spent more money on improving public transportation. This would result in substantial standard of living improvements.

The volume of cars and trucks hitting the highways is dramatically rising every year. As a result, the number of traffic jams, accidents and carbon monoxide emissions are doing too. All these factors have a detrimental effect on our quality of life. Expanding subway lines and railroads and developing an effective plan to combine buses and subways routes, would eventually lead to a reduction in pollution levels, less traffic jams and less stress for the people.

If subway lines reached every corner of a city, people would not need to use their cars to commute. Less cars on the road, means less carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere; therefore, the air we breathe would be more pure. Less cars also means less traffic jams, which translates into less stress for drivers and better living conditions.

Not every country has a well-developed railroad system. Consequently, they have to rely on trucks and buses for ground transportation of passengers and freight. Expanding and upgrading railroad systems will result in fewer trucks and buses on the highways. Removing this kind of traffic from the highways and encouraging the use of trains, would be another way to reduce congestion on the freeways. The reduction of traffic represents less maintenance costs for the government. This surplus of money could be use for other purposes. For example, a forest recovery program or a national campaign against pollution.

Highways, roads and public transportation all require maintenance funds, but I think it is more important to think about the future and how to make our countries or cities better places to live in. Improving public transportation will help reduce traffic jams, accidents and air pollution. A safer, healthier and more enjoyable place to live waits for us in the future.

Another Answer:

Yes the government should spend more money in improving public transport facility. In country like India where people like to travel in transport facilities provided by the govt.

Mostly due to inability of possessing a vehicle or inconvenience of driving to place of work depend highly on these transport facilities to go to work.

Public transport forms lifeline of travelers and workers. Public transport is analogous to blood in our body. As blood constantly nourishes various parts of our body public transport provides industries and services with a fresh supply of work force to carry out it operation uninterruptedly.

The majority of work force depends on public services for its daily conveyance to its work place is a factory or office catering to essential services. An improvement in these services on only enhances the accessibility of the place but also improves the productivity of the workplace, thus causing enhancement of socio-economic growth of the nation.

Public transport is some times the only means of transport to a remote region, the increase in trips to the region would make reach essential services like medication and healing to reach in time. This improvement of transport may improve the economic condition of the region thus accelerating the process of development of the region which would other wise have taken a longer stretch of time.

Improvement of public transport would enhance the productivity and development, as improvement of transportation would remove the tension from the person’s mind about his probability of reaching home if he missed his ride back home thus allowing him to concentrate more on his job.

Thus I would support the development in public transport rather than improvement of roads, as transportation would comfort the work force that depend on it and on whom the nation’s development is dependent.

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