IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 23 Volume 6 (V6E23)

We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. In your opinion, what are some important characteristics of a co-worker (someone you work closely with)? Use reasons and specific examples to explain why these characteristics are important

(a) I have been working for 6 months in a dental clinic. This time allowed me to meet in different ways my co-workers. I’m working with many kinds of people and I am spending a lot of time with them every day. And now, I know a little bit about them. In my opinion some characteristics of a co-worker are help everybody in the office, good communication, Responsibility and create a good work’s atmosphere.

Helping each other’s is really interesting because you will finish fast. When I’m in the office, my partner Rachel brings me help and we both finish in less time I think that without her help, I probably spend hours .You can make more tasks in less period of time when somebody brings you help. Helping is a good way to meet people. When you work with other people is like a team. Things won’t work well if you don’t share your abilities with the people around you in the office. Everybody is important to make an excellent work.

Being responsible is the best characteristic of a co-worker because it means that you really care about your job and your working environment. Being responsible is demonstrated dedication and respect for others. Therefore, everybody will have an excellent impression if you are responsible with your work.

In addition, when you are working you want to have a good relation with everybody in the office. Avoid talk bad or critic ate about somebody else from the office. I don’t like to work somebody who is bossy or always in a bad mood. If my coworker knows something else, it is good to share knowledge. I always have good attitude and open mind to learn new things. I love to work with nice people. That makes me feel in excellent mood and always available to enjoy my job.

For all these reasons some characteristics of my coworker are: Responsibility, Nice and kind with everybody. Available to help.

(b) After finishing my studies, I will soon be entering a practical life. Would have to work in an office with people of different nature. An ideal worker is defined, as an intelligent individual who knows the work given to him, willing to learn more, doesn’t mind extra work etc.

But, in real life such an exceptional individual is quite difficult to find. Therefore, in my mind, the image of a co-worker, I would like to work with, should have the following qualities.

The first and foremost characteristic I would expect in her is that she should be a hard worker. I have always worked hard my self and that’s why I would prefer someone who loves to work hard too, in order to get the work done by mutual contribution.

Secondly, she should be fun loving. Dull and boring people are rarely competitive in my opinion. Everyone mostly likes jolly and friendly people.

Third characteristic I would love to see in my co-worker would be, she must respect others. When you respect others ideas, people tend to respect your ideas too.

My co-worker should not be racist. In today’s world, people have realized that skin and features have nothing to do with one’s capabilities. So she should be kindhearted and positive minded, since the environment in most big companies is multi-cultural.

She should also have the quality of taking the ownership of the relevant issues. She must know what she is doing and what can be the possible consequences .She should also know the solutions of the small problems appearing in the work

Most of these qualities, I understand, cannot be found in most people. As a matter of fact, I would probably have two or three of the listed above. However, if you have the choice of co-workers that will work with you, it would be great for them to have the above qualities.

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