IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 24 Volume 6 (V6E24)

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

(a) Nowadays, a lot of teens work in jobs while they are studying. Some of them really need the money they earn to compensate for their school expenses whereas others use the money they earn as pocket money. Whatever the reason for the students to work in jobs is, in my opinion, working is a great experience to all. Having a job is an important opportunity to learn about responsibilities and also teaches the teenagers to cooperate with their co-workers and enable them to understand the value of money. To start with, working in a job gives teenagers lots of situations in which they should act responsibly; otherwise they will lose their jobs. For example, one has to wake up early if his/her working hours start at 8:00 AM in the morning, no matter how late he/she stayed up last night. Otherwise, his/her supervisor will warn him/her or may eventually fire the individual.

A second reason why having jobs as students has positive effects on teenagers is that it teaches them how to cooperate and the importance of cooperation. In a work setting usually the employees have to depend on each other on numerous occasions. When a single employee loafs, others will have to compensate for his/her workload in addition to their own tasks. Students will learn from their working experience the importance of cooperation and why every individual should effectively carry out his/her own work.

Another point is, these working possibilities enable the students to understand the value of money and that “Money does not grow on trees”. After the student sees how hard he/she has to work to earn money, he/she will also be more reasonable while spending it, thus, his/her purchasing behavior will be enhanced.

In conclusion, when one has a job as a student, he/she will benefit significantly from the experience. This way, students will be more responsible when they graduate. Furthermore, they will be more cooperative, thus will be more beneficial for the companies they will be working in once they will be graduated. Finally, since they’ll know better how to spend their money, they won’t get into trouble due to excessive spending. All in all, having jobs as students is a terrific idea and I think every student should have a working experience before graduating and starting their professional careers.

(b) As is known education is the most important thing for people to improve their selves and to adapt the real life having strong abilities. In this view, many teenagers have to go on their educations while they are working to provide their education or living expenses. This case causes not desired results consequently.

Let’s pretend a teenager is working in a supermarket in the evenings while he attends an school. Every day he has to go to there after school so he doesn’t have a chance to rest except weekends. Tiredness makes him embarrassed and as a result most probably he cannot be successful in his class.

Secondly, teenagers who attend their educations and also work somewhere at the same time cannot live their lives as other teenagers who just attend schools. That means education and other things like doing sports, going out for eating and watching movie or meeting friends to make some new plans are completely separate things. If a teenager puts off one of them to a later time, this case affects other things. For instance, should a teenager is working while he is studying, he cannot meet his friends like in the past or he cannot separate enough time to go out to do new things. As a result of this, day by day he would be obliged to choose working environment to earn money to continue his education so this undesired case make him an unsocial person consequently.

Thirdly, in the future when he got his real job after completing his education, he may feel some pressure in his mind because of the things, which couldn’t be done when he’s teenager. For example, during some conversations with his friends in the society, most probably he cannot find interesting issues to share with his friends because he had consumed all of his life at work. As a result, which may lead to some psychological problems for him.

In short, should teenagers continue their educations, they mustn’t have job for any reason. In case of working, they may not be successful in their educations. Moreover, they cannot benefit from the opportunities of teenage term. It is fact that all kind of social solidarity and social welfare instructions should be gathered on this subject to offer teenagers some education opportunities such as scholarship to stay away from the working environment while they’re studying.

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