IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 25 Volume 6 (V6E25)

A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

(a) I live in the city of Kolkata, the city of joy. My hometown is one of the four metropolitan cities of my country, India. It is a big city with a huge population. Kolkata is the city of my birth and no doubt it is my favorite city. Kolkata, like many other metropolitan cities, has a number of features, some of which will really attract newcomers while others will keep them away.

Kolkata is a city that is full of life. Here, unlike any other city in India, people are cooperative and one can enjoy one’s joy and happiness in company of others. In Kolkata, help is always available, even if one does not ask for it. This is really a unique feature of Kolkata, which makes it a different city. One can enjoy the festivals to the full extent of one’s desire. During the festivals people come closer, even if they are not known to each other. It is the mood during the festivals, which brings all the Kolkata together. Similarly, people are also available to share each other’s sorrow and grief. Here, one will always find a company if he/she searches for solace and comfort. If someone is in distress people are always available to help him/her whatever may be the time of the day. Kolkata is a lively city. One will not feel the live ness of Kolkata unless he or she resides here.

However, in spite of the liveliness of Kolkata, it has some features that may upset a newcomer. One of these is the crowd. The roads here are quite crowded as are the buses on the roads. Its really difficult for a newcomer to get adjusted to these crowded roads. To walk on these roads people have to jostle one another’s arms and tramp each other’s feet. There is a great rush on the roads during the peak hours and a lot of traffic congestion. As a result people are always late in reaching their destinations. Here, the number of vehicles passing through the roads is greater in comparison to the number of roads available, which results in traffic congestion.

So, a person who is planning to move to my city will like all its advantages but dislike all its disadvantages. However, even though Kolkata has a number of drawbacks and suffers from a lot of disadvantages, still it is my favorite city and will always be.

(b) As I have been living in my town, Bangkok, Thailand, for my whole life, I know this city and understand its culture and customs well. Like all cities, Bangkok has both positive and negative points. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has many of the advantages and disadvantages of a large, important city. I believe that my friend moving to Bangkok would enjoy the benefits of this friendly, cosmopolitan city, but dislike the pollution and traffic jams.

As a capital city, Bangkok benefits you in several ways. One obvious reason is convenience. In Bangkok, transportation infrastructure is well provided such as sky train, under construction subways, buses, and a modern airport. Therefore you could select any mode of transportation you prefer. More than that, you are able to find many kinds of restaurant whether Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, European or Thai. You can enjoy your meals in various price ranges from the lowest to the highest. For example, boat noodle that costs merely 10 Bath per bowl (1/4 of a dollar). Even in the night, if you were hungry, you could be able to buy out something to eat. Remarkably, wherever you travel, you would see people’s smile. As you know, Thailand is recognized as a smile country, so called Smile Siam. Automatically, this makes you feel like you live in your own town because of hospitality. Moreover, people in my town are not independent live. Rather, we depend on each other. For instance, when there is a festival, our neighbors would not be hesitated to give a hand with willingness.

Undoubtedly, there are some unfavorable environments. The problem of traffic jam, since my town is characterized by a warm weather, hence people do not encourage either to walk or to use bus services. Instead, they prefer to commute by their own car, this incurs unavoidable pollution problems both air and noise pollution. Therefore, you might be under emotional and stress when traveling during rush hour. Not only that, it is crowded town due to the density of population per square kilometer. This caused by immigration from upcountry for work and money purposes. If you love to live in a peace place, my town might not be suitable for.

In sum, I think every town has some bad point like my town. Although Bangkok has some unwanted environments, it is still a lovely town to live. Since most problems are external factors that could be solved, for the internal one, people are nice and touchable. As a result, you might be as a member of my town.

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