IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 29 Volume 6 (V6E29)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities. Use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion.

Nowadays, technological development in the field of media has changed the world and the way to spread the different kinds of news. Especially these medias always target to public figures and celebrities personal lives. I agree the above statement. Media people should cover limited news about celebrities’ personal life.

First of all, television and other media’s like online websites play back to back news about celebrities and public figures. The news may be good or bad, but they won’t stop at-least for week. This affects one’s personal life, especially to children. Almost all Television channels have a exclusive shows for celebrities gossips. And people are very curious to know about their favorite celebrities’ personal life. For example, many people crazily follow their favorite celebrities’ lifestyle, the way they dress, talk, walk and lot more. Some people worship them as god. Television and other media make people to watch back to back news of celebrities.

In addition, sometimes these Medias show useful programs of public figures and celebrities that people enjoy watching it like sports players, famous scientists, business people and many more. It is good to follow positive things from your favorite public figures and celebrities. Children are very quickly manipulated by media news whether it’s good or bad news. And children very easily adapt their favorite hero or heroin’s behavior. For instance, an actor died by consuming drugs and the media published as if, the actor did a great achievement. Media should really concentrate on which news is bad and good. And stop telecasting bad news over and over.

Furthermore, all types of medias show the news for almost a week or 10 days to increase their T.R.P (television rating point). And sometimes these news effects even the financial market like stock exchange. For example, in my country a popular business ambassador acquired a big company and the stock prices went up, people started selling their stocks. So media’s news is very powerful and effective.

In short, media should concentrate on their limits of telecasting news. Publish more on useful programs. And stop repeating things.

Another Answer:

I agree that celebrities and famous people are in the spotlight of written and visual media. Ordinary people are interested in personal lives of public figures and as a result, newspapers and other public media are trying to cover this aspect of their life. In addition, owner of public media has to sell their products to survive in business.

People want to know more about individuals who admired them. A vivid example is those who work in film industry, they play a role in famous movies which people like. So apart from their professional personality, people want to know how they behave when they are at home, what do they buy when they go out, and who they are in a relationship with. For example, I remember how people followed up Brad Pit relationship with famous actress Angelina Juli which made newspapers and paparazzi look for their picture together.

Moreover, media wants to make money from its publishing. To make money they have to publish something that is in their customer’s interest. Therefore, they look for stories and news of personal life of public adores. For example, a magazine has several expenses to pay and if it does not sell its magazines, it has to close itself. As a result, making money is another reason why some public media are so focused on the personal lives of public figures.

In conclusion, magazines and public medias pay attention to the personal lives of famous people because of the attraction of ordinary people to them. In another word, they are attracted to their personal lives because the public has an interest in them.

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