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IELTS Essay 30 Volume 6 (V6E30)

Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Our earth has a vital role in our lives. It enhances our progress endlessly because it encompasses our core. Therefore, I adamantly agree that the earth being harmed by the human activities for two reasons.

First of all, human activity has a crucial impact on our environment. Utilizing the cars and building industrial factories enhance the pollution. For example, as we know, all the cars and factories emit a poisonous gas through the environment which considerably influences the climate. Moreover, These harmful gases increase the global warming through the weather which has a negative influence on our health. So, all the daily activities doing by people cause a dramatic effect on our ecosystem because, nowadays, all people could not do any task or duties without using their cars, working in a full-time job every day pushes them to use this service. Therefore, I believe that human being hurts our planet.

Second, the growth of the human population has a tremendous impact on the earth. In fact, a growing population utilizes all natural resources without any recovering. For instance, people started to use the forest trees and plants for their own sake, without any refill. They become to harvest different fruit and vegetable without putting any plan to recover these resources. Besides, the process of the decomposition of the plastic and the end results throwing in the lake have an important ramification on the lakes; because of this end product harm all the creatures that live in the lake such as fish and seaweed. The consequences of the decomposition products might kill the entire living organism in the ocean which considers the natural resources of the land that the people can feed on them. As you can see, the population has an adverse effect on the earth.

For the reasons mentioned above, from my perspective, human activities harmful to the earth. Not only it boosts the pollution, but also it utilizes the natural resources without refunding. Consequently, all people should reassess their priority to improve their life.

Another answer:

Today, human activity is rapidly changing the world. I think humans will have a huge negative impact on the earth. I have this feeling for two reasons, I will discuss in the next article

First, industrial development caused severe air pollution and seriously affected human health. I am listening to news coverage on how weekly the air quality of major cities in the world is bad. In addition, I often hear that chronic lung disease is increasing, but these two trends are related. I remembered the year I spent in Beijing, China. I spend most of the time in the Canadian countryside. There, the air is fresh, soon noticing smog and pollution in big Chinese cities. Within a few months, I suffered from various respiratory diseases and breathing became difficult. I spent many afternoons at a local hospital and received treatment for various throat and pulmonary infections. Most of the people on the planet now live in cities, and they are often suffering from the outcome of industrial development.

Secondly, human development brings about accumulation of a large amount of garbage, destroying the natural beauty of the earth. Products were made from biodegradable materials such as paper and wood, but most of today’s finished products are made of plastic and will never be broken. These materials occasionally enter permanent landfills, but usually they are landfills. Last summer, when I went to Borneo, I was very impressed by the beauty of this place, but I noticed that the natural environment was damaged by plastic bags and water bottles gathered everywhere it was. Even if I visited this island a century ago, I do not think it is contaminated like this.

Third, human activities constantly destroy the ecological balance of the Earth, so our living Earth is hurt by human activities. For example, Japanese are famous for hunting whales to meet their desires. As we all know, each species has its own prey. Therefore, as humans eat too much of certain animals or eat too much of a particular plant, many species eating these animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. Based on the above discussion, I can conclude that the earth is destroyed by human activities. Many scholars and environmental groups spared no efforts to declare the importance of environmental protection. In addition, governments in many countries have enacted laws that prohibit human activities, waste natural resources, cause pollution, and damage ecosystems. Of course, someone may have a different view on this subject.

In short, I’m confident that human activities will make this planet less comfortable. This is because people are more susceptible to contamination than the past as waste products destroy the natural beauty of our world.

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