IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 52 Volume 6 (V6E52)

Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

(a) There are many people around who prefer to do the same things all the time .In my opinion they keep on doing the same things just because they don’t want to take any risks. But there are also people who would like to do different things and take risks. I think I belong to the second category would to explain in this essay why I’d like to do new, different things.

First of all I think that all people should improve themselves and don’t give up even if they fail sometimes. The world is changing, and because of the advanced technology we should always read and learn new things. We can’t go on with the things we already know, that are why most of the companies arrange courses for their employees, for example courses for computer using or foreign language speaking.

It is easy to do the same ordinary things all the time because you don’t have to take any risks and so you can do your work quickly and perfectly. But this changes our lives into a monotone form. In a government building, most of us see workers chatting with each other and making long telephone calls on the phone. I think the reason why they act this way is because they do the same thing all the time and so they finish their work quickly and spend the rest of their time doing unnecessary things.

One should always improve him by doing new thing and shouldn’t forget that it is never late. People can always make new starts in his life at all ages. A few days ago, I read an article and it was about the new starts of life. One story was about an old sailor who had offered 1,008 different men to start a restaurant business together and all the time the answer had been ‘no’. But this man hadn’t given up and finally he had gotten the answer ‘yes’. If this old sailor, Colonel Sanders, hadn’t been so willing to start a new business, we wouldn’t be eating Kentucky Fried Chicken today.

Finally I want to tell you about an exam I took last year in my economy course. The Professor had asked only one question and wanted us to write a four-page essay .The question was ‘what’s risk’. The student who got the highest mark in the exam hadn’t written an essay. She had just left the 3 pages empty and written ‘this is risk!!’ at the bottom of the 4th page. When I think about it, it really was a risk not answering the question. But no one can deny that world is full of risks and I think life is worth taking risks.

(b) Another Answer:

People have varying habits and preferences. Some like to apply what they have learned and continue doing the same while others like to try new paths and take risks. Both kinds of people have reasons for what they do. I prefer to explore and take conservative risks.

By doing what they do well, people can plan how they want to do it and for how long. This adds security to their life. They don’t have to worry much about failing in whatever they do. The downside to this approach is making life routine or boring. But that is good for people who don’t like surprises. People, who have a family to take care of, especially small kids, would take this approach.

On the other hand people, who chose to do new things, will find a lot of surprises coming their way. They will be constantly challenged to do their best. This is good for people who like living on the edge. But this adds a lot of insecurity to their life. People who don’t have lot of responsibilities and have enough resources to weather out occasional failures are most likely to try out new things.

Someone like me, who is at their early stages of life, have lot of enthusiasm and energy to pursue different things and explore new horizons. This allows them to be independent and make a mark of their own and there is potential for big rewards. Since I don’t have the resources to make through really bad setbacks, I would take a conservative approach to taking risks. Before venturing into trying new things, I will assess the possible risk and make sure that is something I can afford.

At different stages of life people make different choices. While doing things they know well can bring security to people’s lives, I prefer to try out new things and take risks, because of the potential for big rewards and I like being challenged.

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