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IELTS Essay 56 Volume 6 (V6E56)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One should never judge a person by external appearances. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

(a) I strongly believe that people should never judge a person by external appearances. The way we look not always reflects the way we are. We can make huge mistakes if we let the external appearances tell us everything about someone.

I consider that outward qualities are related in some ways to the manner we are and the way we feel inside. Sometimes the clothes we choose express our mood, how we are feeling at that moment. Also, the hairstyle, make up and many other aspects of our look sometimes give an idea of our attitude towards life.

Even though, not all aspects or, for some people, any aspect of the personality is shown in external appearances. The look is not evident enough to communicate deep feelings, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. There is so much more inside of a person that can only be noticed after knowing him very well.

I have met people who give an erroneous first impression. At first sight one could describe them in a completely different way from what they turn to be when you get to know them well. Before making premature conclusions we should pay attention at many other features, such as the way the person talks, the words he uses, the look in his eyes that help us to recognize how is that person like. People’s values, educational background, skills and virtues lie in the inside, not in the outside.

There is a great risk of missing good friends if we allow us to judge by appearances. We always should give a second chance to people to show us how they really are, without masquerades. We have to be smart to not mistake what we see on the surface, because the main part of almost everything is hidden and not easily seen.

Other Idea

One should never judge a person by external experience. I agree with the above statement because in my opinion external appearances are deceptive and how a person seems from outward appearance may not actually reveal his real identity.

It is true that outward appearance does give a faint understanding of a person- the taste and manner of dressing reveals his neatness or probably the country he belongs to and sometimes even his status, as high class tends to show off much compared to mediocre. But by all this we can only assume his nature and in my opinion it should not be taken as criteria for judging the person’s personality, character or strength.

The person who may look ugly might be a person with a golden heart whereas the one looking gorgeous may be the one with a stubborn heart. We should form conclusion only after mingling with the person, this provides an opportunity to analyze the person’s thought, study his character and behavior in the most proper manner. One instance in my life made this more evident- my hostel roommate was very good looking and everyone seemed to admire looking at her outward attraction. But only later when we started living together I did come to know that she was a drug addict, flirt and often bunked her classes to go out with boys. After knowing her real identity all my friends started disliking her.

External appearance can give false identity of one’s position or rank. I say this taking Gandhi, a famous Indian freedom fighter as example. He was a renowned person well known among ministers and common people, but if we were to see his external appearance he looked very weak and lowly person. He used to travel to foreign countries in the same appearance, thus unless you know him, none could make out that he was a great person in Indian history.

Last but not least external appearance cannot indicate the strength of an individual, a person looking fat may actually have less strength than a person looking thin and weak from outside. For example, boxing competition in television reveals such examples where a weak looking competitor will finally win the game beating his over fat opponent.

Thus with external appearance we cannot deduce the real identity of a person – his character or position or his strength and in my opinion unless we know the person we should not judge the person.

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