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IELTS Essay 57 Volume 6 (V6E57)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

(a) Someone says that a person should make an important decision alone, but in my opinion, I think that it is not true because everything can be looked in various aspects, and everyone has different skill and experiences. Consequently, consulting other persons is the best way for making a decision.

In my point of view, anyone in this world thinks differently from any other persons because there are many aspects for thinking about something. The more the numbers of people who help think, the more idea, so a person should not make an important decision alone. For example, in prominent company, it is very famous to work with team because the more the number of co-workers, the more a number of good ideas. Everyone has a chance to propose his opinion, and all of these opinions will be merged to be the conclusion decision.

In addition, making a decision alone can make people waste many things such as money, friends, or life because no one has a good skill in every field. For example, in the business, if owner want to increase budget to develop a company, but he decides to do so by himself without consulting with accountancies that are good at calculating budget, the business may be turn down. So, the owner has to waste a lot of money because he makes an importance decision alone.

Moreover, it is sure that everyone cannot used to face with the same situation in his whole life, so no one has the same experiences, as do any other persons. Doing something that we used to do is easy and has less chance to do wrong, so If a person has to decide to do something that he used not to do so, but he consult with someone who used to do so, he can do so too. For example, last 6 years ago, I had to decide in which faculty that I should study. In that time, I had not many experiences, so I asked about the characteristic of any faculties from my parents, my teachers, and my parent’s friends who work in various careers. Those advices that everyone gave me were very useful for me to make a decision, and right now I am sure that I do not make a wrong decision that I choose to learn in the faculty of Electrical Engineering. If that time I decided to choose it by myself, I might be a doctor who was not happy at all.

To conclude, making an important decision is the important thing in people’s life because it can point out our life such as being the rich or the poor, working as an engineer or a doctor, or being happy or sad. The best way for making a decision is consulting with other person. Therefore I agree that a person should never make an important decision alone.

(b) In our life there are a lot of important decisions that we have to make. For example: a choice of a profession, marriage, the place where to live. These are only a fewest part of them. I think that in such problems we need to consult other people, parents or relatives, because they may think in different way that we do.

It is important to know many possible advantages and disadvantages of your selection. You ask friends to know their thought, and then you make your own decision. Friends can understand your opinion and agree with you. That is why people have friends.

Secondly, if you make an important decision alone, you are going to forget that the others could not accept this decision. They can also make their decisions alone, without you, and you will be in a complicated situation. Another fact in favor of my opinion is that there are people more experienced than you. For example your parents, I’m sure that they had in their lives many problems that may be close to your problem. I think that to ask them for an advice is the right way to be sure for your decision.

In conclusion, the important decisions are also a good experience for us. We try to decide how to behave in these decisions. I’m sure that each of us will make a right decision after a consultation with close friends because that is why people have friends.

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