IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 71 Volume 6 (V6E71)

If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

(a) Almost every one of us come at some point of our lives comes to the realization that we might have missed something on the way and we want to go back for a moment and take that thing before we continue. Many times this is expressed via the unexpected desire to study something we might have had the chance, but we before we never took it. For me such thing is astronomy. It appeals to me in so many ways, the mystery that accompanies the science of the universe has always attracted me in some magic way but I never took my chance. Now, if I am given such, I will not hesitate much before I take and below are some of my reasons for doing so.

Astronomy is the science that tries to give us a more profound knowledge about the Universe – the unimaginably big world that we are just a tiny part of. It give us a better look at worlds that we’ve never imagined exist and within the whole picture it tries to explain our own existence the way it is. Every one of us has looked at the starry sky at night and at least a brief thought has come through out head of what’s there, what are all this flickering lights and is somebody waiting for us millions of lights years away. Thoughts like this have always made us feel a little bit better in our existence, a little bit less lonely in our universe and science like Astronomy is that one that proves our hopes true, to make the dreams reality.

On the other hand, Astronomy helps us understand better who we are, where do we come from, what is our place in the big picture and how do we function as an entity within it. Let’s take for example the studies on the structure of the matter in the universe. Astronomers have proven the existence of substances that we considered unthinkable before and the knowledge they get from this inventions helps is go beyond the visible part in our own world, find the secrets of the matter that are hidden deeply in its existence on earth. We shouldn’t also forget the recent discoveries regarding the Big Bang, considered the creation point of the Universe the way we know it today, and the help they provide us on understanding our origin as living beings. It helps us understand where we are heading for.

Taking all of the above mentioned, I can easily conclude that Astronomy for me is a way to broaden my mind, a way to look beyond the visible part of the world I live in, a feeling of belonging somewhere in the whole picture of the universe and, most of all, astronomy the knowledge that provides me with the confidence and hope that living beings on Earth are not alone in their existence.

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