IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 84 Volume 6 (V6E84)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Advertising is an all-powerful tool in today’s world where communication means are varied and accessible by all, and reaching the target audience with the right message makes all the difference. Advertising is a medium through which, people can be educated about a particular issue at hand. Advertising can be about a new product, a new business opportunity or in this case about a country. I strongly agree with the statement that advertising can inform, educate and can tell a lot about the country. I will support my argument through examples and reasoning given below.

Advertising can be of many forms: Printed and published information, through broadcast media (radio and television) and now the most important emerging means of all; that of the Internet. All these forms of advertising have their own advantages and disadvantages. Advertising is generally responsible for the first impressions of a country in people’s minds. In this case, what they hear about a particular country for the first time through any means of advertising, will result in it being a true picture of a country for that person / country.

So that’s the reasons why governments of some developed countries have taken this issue of projecting the right image of their country through advertising very seriously. This is proven by the fact that their tourism numbers and advantages of living and working in their country are most highlighted than other countries. This is nonetheless important in today’s competitive global environment where countries are competing against each other to attract new investments and business in their country. All this directly affects the economic and development scene of the country as good or bad advertising can directly result in the country’s growth.

For instance, in my country India, the Information technology ministry has spent substantial finances and efforts to highlight India’s advantage as a global source for information technology workers. This in fact has resulted in growth in the Gross Domestic Product of our country there by raising the standard of people living in this country and giving ancient industry a chance to grow in a free capital environment. This couldn’t have been achieved without concentrated advertising of our advantages and economic benefits of developing software in India.

So I conclude to say that Advertising cannot only tell a lot about a country but can also result in bring growth to the economy and prosperity to its people. Adding to that, I would like every government of the world taking efforts to promote the best their county has to give to the world, here by promoting peace and prosperity among all nations.

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