IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 85 Volume 6 (V6E85)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

(a) I agree that modern technology is creating a single world culture because it disseminates knowledge beyond the geographic borders of a location. When people communicate they exchange ideas and feelings. In the ancient era, culture was passed from parents to children by spoken language. Knowledge, traditions and beliefs were transferred to the youngest through speaking and in some cases writing or drawing. Thus, at that time, culture was very restricted to the tribe, village or the community where they lived.

The modern means of transportation, in my opinion, was the first invention that contributed strongly to the spread of cultures throughout the planet. The advance of automobiles, airplanes and ships made incredibly easier to be in other parts of the planet. People started to know more about other cultures and many times introducing to their own culture things learned in other places and countries. The exchange of knowledge and goods started to play an important role in people’s life. The café from Brazil, the scotch from Scotland, the cigars from Cuba, the wine from France, the American music, are good examples of how other countries products are rooted in our day-by-day life and our culture.

Furthermore, in the past few years we have experienced a new wave of technology. Internet, mobile phones, email, e-commerce, are some words that resume what is present in our quotidian. As never before was so easy to communicate to one another. Consequently the world is creating a whole new definition of culture. It is the culture of mass that transcends the geographical borders, permitting that you feel at home anywhere in the planet. The people’s behavior and architecture has been standardized either. Picture yourself, for instance, in a hotel room in Japan, Rio de Janeiro or New York. In most cases you will receive the same treatment in all those places and the interior designs all look the same, as the services provided. The reason they do this is to make everyone fell as he was in his own hometown, not mattering where you are from.

In conclusion, modern technology has facilitated our lives enormously. But the price paid for the advancement of technology is that some countries, if they do not stand hard at their beliefs and traditions, they will lose their identity to absorb the globalize culture.

(b) Modern Technology is rapidly changing the world living standards, resulting in a single world culture. New technologies including Internet, electronic media, means of transportation and finally Information technology has a great impact on creating a similar culture across the globe.

First of all, Internet and email has changed the way in which people communicate with one another. Internet is commonly used everywhere to acquire the latest information, news and technologies. Now you can chat with anybody sitting anywhere in the world and know about his/her culture over there. This type of communication and also email affects the lifestyle of the people using these facilities.

Secondly, electronic media has done a lot in creating a single culture across the world. News, fashion and entertainment are some of the things which have changed and now you are able to adopt and develop them same everywhere. For example, people living in a third world country are greatly impressed by the life styles of modern countries. This results in the adaptation of their culture and ways of living by them.

Developments in the fields of medicine and information technology are spread in the entire world within a few days due to vast usage of Internet and modern technologies. Similarly, standards are developed in every field. For example, to achieve a standard in quality we have ISO certifications. In this way, same standards and same culture is achieved in every sphere of life.

To conclude, modern developments and technologies have a great impact on the way people live their lives. Technologies like Internet, electronic media, developments in the fields of medicine and information have developed a single world culture in the modern world.

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