IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 86 Volume 6 (V6E86)

Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

(a) Internet as we all know is changing the way we live our lives in the new millennium. Never before in the history of mankind, was so much information available to people. So with this abundance of information, also come the clashes of views. Some people believe that this medium provides people with lot of information, while others stand by the view that this excess of information creates problems. In my opinion, the information provided by the Internet is valuable to people and can help us solve a lot of problems which is faced by the world today. It can also serve as people voice against corrupt governments and make them aware of their rights to freedom and expression of free speech.

Internet because of its distributed nature is very free in nature. By free, I mean that anyone and everyone with a view can express it on the Internet. This is best described by the journalists and other social workers that can break the news of war, conflict or any epidemic almost immediately as it occurs. Previously, governments used to control the flow of information. But now due to the advent of the Internet, every piece of news and developments in news stories can be broadcasted live over the Internet. This valuable information is transmitted over the Internet over a medium, which knows no limits or boundaries. This helps in bringing people closer and promises that the message will be delivered to the world in an uncensored form. This principle very much supports the view that this is a free world, which is made possible due to the medium of Internet.

Another nature of the Internet is that, it is non- proprietary and no one can claim ownership or copyright over it. This establishes an ideal medium for people to exhibit their work. Best examples of these are the students at university, music artists, and scientists researching on a new product or path-breaking discovery. With so much information freely available, people can be well informed of their alternatives available to them. Like for example, I read in a news article that a woman in Africa was suffering from a rare form of cancer. The doctors in Africa had given up hope. Then one of the doctors had read over the Internet about a new revolutionary treatment for this cancer being developed by some Canadian doctors. So after some more research and communication over the Internet with the Canadian team of doctors, the women were flown to Canada, where she was treated for the cancer. Thus, a life was saved because information was available in time.

So I believe that Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information, which in most cases is lifesaving or sometimes is educating to people. But I would also like to add that with this access of information comes responsibility. So individuals and governments should respect the value of information and use it in ethical ways so as not to cause damage.

(b) Certainly, in the future the Internet will be noticed as one of the most important revolutions of 20th century that effected people’s life. It will be seen that how people’s life had changed with this revolution. Internet serves huge valuable information to the societies that know how to benefit from it. However access to so much information creates problems. In this essay I will give some examples of both advantages and disadvantages of Internet that effects people’s life, and I will argue in favor of Internet.

Internet provides people so much information. Not always, information accessed from the Internet is beneficial. For example children can access sites that can be harmful to their physiological growing as porn and satanically contented sited. This will harm the values of society. But this and some few reasons are not enough to judge Internet as a harmful device.

First of all, Internet serves to people as an enormous library that can be easily accessed. One can get any information that one needs at any time even from home. For examples, sometimes I bet with my friends in any subject. Before the Internet, we were struggling to find the truth for long times with much efforts. But now, the truth is ready after we log in to my computer from home. So the argument doesn’t go on so long.

Secondly, Internet can be used as a practical communication device. People can communicate each other via e-mail technology which is much more practical to custom mailing system.

In addition to these, people can do their works easily by the Internet. For example shopping, transferring money between bank accounts is possible by using the Internet even from their home.

In summary, Internet is a valuable revolution of 20th century that people must benefit from. According to me, I must argue in favor Internet, because I use it almost every day in my daily purposes like finance, or shopping etc. Also Internet is my favorite tool when I need information. I am now used to a life with Internet. I cannot think a life without it after all.

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