IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 87 Volume 6 (V6E87)

A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in your country. Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

(a) A country is represented by her people. She will be revered or belittled by the way her people behave. If I had a chance to suggest a place to a foreign visitor to visit in my country, I am glad and proud to suggest “The Banyan”, a non-profit organization in Chennai, India.

The very first reason to suggest a place like this instead of stunning, scenic beautiful natural places is that everywhere in this world, we can relax ourselves by visiting a naturally beautiful, peaceful place. But “The Banyan” is a place where mentally ill disputed, forsaken women get shelter.

The reason why I was very much impressed by “The Banyan” is, It is the perfect rehabilitation center, found by two college girls Vandhana and Vaishnavi without any strong political as well as economical background but with their strong fire for helping people. After facing number of problems, they established this organization. Now this organization has hundreds of members.

When I first visited “The Banyan” I was really melted. I saw women who were not even aware of their name. I saw small kids affected by AIDS, but still playing cheerfully without knowing about the danger they are facing. When I was speaking with one of the women, she said, “I feel very comfortable here. With the help of The Banyan I have the confidence that, in the near future, I rejoin with my near and dear ones from whom I was separated for the reason that I have forgotten already. “

If the visitor sees this organization, he can realize that our country has such a bold and helping minded people like these girls. These girls are the best persons to represent my country. I am really very proud to suggest this place to a new visitor.

(b) To think of one place, which a foreigner should visit if he gets a chance to spend one day in my country, is not an easy job. I belong to India, which is known throughout the world for its rich cultural heritage. India has a myriad of monuments and sites displaying the astonishingly beautiful designs and architecture, which will definitely attract any foreigner. Still if choosing one out of them is inevitable I would go for the TajMahal in Agra city.

TajMahal is the only historical monument of India, which was ever included in the wonders of the world. Truly enough it’s apt to be called a wonder. The grand structure fully constructed in white marble presents such a beautiful sight, which cannot leave any heart untouched with its splendor. It’s known for its architecture and beauty. Even people possessing least of artistic taste are left awestruck after seeing it. TajMahal symbolizes love. Emperor Shahjahan had constructed this tomb in the loving memory of his dearest wife Mumtaz Mahal. Nowhere in the world can anybody find another example of such an exquisite memento of love.

When a person visits a new country he is generally interested in knowing the history of that country. TajMahal is apt in satisfying this inquisitiveness of the visitors. It carries with itself the history of the Mughal Empire, which ruled India for around a decade. Foreigners will find ample opportunity to know more about Indian history during the medieval period.

Besides, a person visiting TajMahal can also pay a visit to the grand Red fort in the same city. Fort will help in augmenting the visitor’s historical knowledge.

Taj Mahal is situated in Agra, which is a traditional city of India. Till now it has not experienced enough modernization to be called a metropolitan. This fact is an advantage because it provides a chance to the visitors to observe Indian culture and traditional life style from close quarters.

Though there are numerous tourists’ spots in India, TajMahal in Agra is the one, which can attract people from all spheres of life. For some other places like the temples of South India special interest in history and architecture is needed. The growing number of foreigners visiting the monument proves the fact. Hence in my opinion, if a foreigner is visiting India just for a day, there cannot be a better place to visit than the TajMahal at Agra.

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