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IELTS Essay 55 Volume 6 (V6E55)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

(a) Some people may think that money is the most important aspect of a job. Of course, this factor cannot be ignored. But in my opinion, I disapprove this kind of idea. As I see it, there are many other important aspects a job, rather than money.

One of them is the satisfaction of the worker. No matter what other people say, if the person is satisfied with his/her work, that’s it. For example, my father was a good student in high school. His parents and teachers told him to go to law school because it was the best career a person could have at that time and was an honor for the family. But my father disagreed and went to the army because he wanted to. And until now, he is very satisfied with his job. He didn’t choose a job that was conspicuous to other people, but a job he liked.

Another factor is how well the job suits the person. We can’t get a clumsy person to be a doctor that requires great awareness on the work, such as surgery. A single mistake, even the slightest failure can kill a person. So people should also consider on how well he/she can do the job, and if it’s suiting the person.

In closing, I disagree with the idea of money being the most important aspect of a job. Of course, we can’t totally ignore money. Usually many people just work, whether they like it or not, just to earn money. But we must keep in mind that money should be considered as a second, after we decide things such as the satisfaction or how well the job suits the person. Money isn’t everything in life, remember that.

(b) I disagree with the statement that ‘The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns’ because money is one of the important aspects of a job, but it is not the most one. All of aspects of a job such as money, achievement, and new experience are equally important by following reasons.

First of all, nowadays, the world is developed. Everyone have to work hard to survive in this busy world. Who works hard has more chance to get high rate of salary. Everything in this world has higher price. Who has no money cannot be in this big world. Generally, the clever man who have more chance to get better job has to choose to work in the company that give more money to him because money is one of the important aspect of a job.

Secondly, not only do worker want money, but also success. Promotion and good result of a job are the example of successful. Promotion is another thing that worker want. Everyone works hard because they want to be promoted to the higher position. Commonly, most people want to be boss and work without ordering. By the way, if people work well, the result of a job will be good, so their boss or client will give the compliment to them.

Last but not least, the more time people work the more experience people have, so another important aspect of a job is experience. No one can get new experience, if he does not work. It is notice that people who have worked for a long time have more experience than people who just start working. People who have many experiences can solve the problem that suddenly face them because they used to face with that problem and try to solve it. Therefore experience is the important aspect so a job.

In conclusion, I cannot point out that which aspect among money, accomplishment, and experience is the most important because all of these have its own beneficial. Thus, I disagree that the money a person earns is the most important aspect of a job.

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