IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 54 Volume 6 (V6E54)

What change would make your hometown more appealing to people your age? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

My hometown has pretty much everything; we have few tech companies, industries, schools, community colleges, restaurants and many more. My hometown is clean and safe place. But, we don’t have enough parks for children, young people and elders. So i would prefer to have a big park in my hometown, with big playground, lots of trees and flowers to keep the environment clean, walking path, attracting waterfalls and landscape, small lake/pond all these makes the town look amazing.

First of all, most of the children are stuck with their play station, computer games, they don’t have much physical activity and also out hometown don’t have enough parks to play. Playing is very essential for child’s development; it may be mental or physical. Children are usually attracted by colourful play area, innovative and imaginary surrounding and equipped play areas with climbing, sliding, swinging and sports activities makes them enthusiastic. Parks are full of play, with learning and development opportunities; climbing trees, rolling down hill, playing pond, kit flying, the list is endless.

In addition, senior citizens atmosphere will be healthier to walk, relax, socialize with other people in the park and enjoy with their families and friends. Parks are accessible and affordable, the green-space makes the positive contributes to health. Inhaling clean air and walking regularly reduces stress and unwanted diseases. For instance, obesity, heart disease, mental stress has become common. Moreover, people can do picnic with their family during weekends.

Furthermore, teenagers can hangout with their friends or dating their loved once. Teenagers like to play skateboard, baseball, volleyball and many other sports. So to play all these, they need a spacious ground to practice sport activities. And also, the park can fix some amount for special activities that take place; this amount can be used for park maintenance.

In short, having a big park is beneficent to all age group people in my hometown. Children can play different sports, elders will have clean place and full of greenery atmosphere, and young people can hang out with friends and family. An innovative, greenery and aesthetic environment of pond, landscape appeals the beauty of the hometown.

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