IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 123 Volume 6 (V6E123)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I am in total agreement of the statement. I will put some of the facts in the support of this statement in the following statements.

It is the technology that has made life simpler and easier. This has been observed in almost all aspects of life. First of all I would like to define technology. What is it? I feel that technology is an achievable sophistication of human imagination. Man is the sole creator of technology. Man used to think on a particular question or problem, very critically and thoroughly, and comes out with a brilliant solution. This solution is called as Technology.

Now we will see how it helps the students to learn more information and learn more quickly. Internet, email, interactive computer based tutors are some of the forms of the new technology, which help students learn quickly. In my school days I used to sit in the classrooms for hours. Teachers used to be age old and highly boring just like subjects. But I couldn’t complain about that in those days. I used to get nervous at some point of time. But now a student can sit or even lie down in his or her bedroom and attend the class on Television or even as video conference. I feel that most of the children used to perceive a very good morale at home. They are fresh and enthusiastic at home. In this state of mind they can learn more in less time.

With the advent of computer-based tutors, the time constraint for learning has also been vanished. Student can take his or her class as and only when he or she wants. It is not likely with everybody that one will be fresh and ready to grasp for 8 hours daily. Sometime somebody may feel little drowsy or sick. CBT have the best answer to this question.

With the advent of Internet, it is not at all necessary that you should attend the classes of the same age old and boring teachers only. One can discuss with the best professors in the world on any subject of one’s liking. The new electronic storage devices like tapes; CDs and floppies have made the students able to store whole lot of information in their pockets. Big bulky books are being replaced by Adobe Acrobat Documents. Only having whole lot of information is also not enough. Because then you will have to search for the information back and forth. There are certain software packages, which help students in managing his knowledge bank also. This has made learning faster and easier.

One thing is sure, if thing is simple, smoother and easier anybody will take interest in it. The new technology is very attractive. Students have started taking interest in the core subjects itself which are being taught with the help of new technology. I have one example to support this.

One of my friends was highly unwilling to come to school. He used to feel very sad in the school time. Then his father made a very intelligent move. He bought a set of new shoes, new school uniform and a new water bag. He asked his car driver to drop him to school daily. And to my surprise, after that day, he became the most regular student in the class. The new uniform and new shoes gave him the new look. The new water bag gave him the eleventh hour help and coming by car gave him the pleasure of traveling.

In conclusion I would say that, same is the case with technology also. Technology gives the new look to your studies. It provides help at the eleventh hour and it provides the pleasure of learning also. What else one needs to learn more information with more paces?

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