IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 124 Volume 6 (V6E124)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

 “People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different.” I would have to agree with that statement entirely. No matter how many goals we have or how many things we own, as human beings we always want more, need more. Our lives would not be full if we weren’t that way. The statement above applies to many angles in our lives such as material wants and needs, emotions, the need of achievements and etc’. In this essay I will give different reasons as to why I agree to the above statement, using some of the angles to which it applies.

The dissatisfaction and the permanent need, and want starts in a very young age. Even while we are babies we want this toy, and that doll and no matter how many of them we have we always ask for more. Scientists say that when a baby is given a familiar toy, he will play with it, but after a while he will get used to it and become less enthusiastic. While on the other hand when a baby is given a new toy, he will have to play with it for a couple of days, he will be very interested until again he will get accustomed to it and a new toy will take its place. Things that we don’t own or didn’t see before look more attractive to us than the ones that we have.

Once we grow older our goals become a little less material. A daughter or a son might want to get their mother’s approval and their father’s pride. They may achieve that with high marks and good behavior. Though some children will be in need for attention and do just the opposite. As children or teenagers we all know the feeling of a proud parent, the satisfaction that we feel after we saw a parent’s proud smile. That makes us feel happy and right away we want to feel that again. We crave to be successful and happy first and for most for ourselves, and second is to make people, which we love, proud. And through the years that craving becomes stronger and with every goal we accomplish, we reach towards a higher target for the simple reason of feeling needed, taken pride in, and respected. And no matter how many goals we achieve, we will always persist on finding new ones just to accomplish them all over again.

Some people say that a rich person has everything. That is entirely untrue. A rich person might have a very large amount of money, but that only means he has a bigger chance of getting what he wants for money. That doesn’t mean that, that person doesn’t have any needs or wants beyond objects, which he can buy for money. That person may want to lose wait but never succeeds, or he may want to get that beautiful girl, but she goes only for looks and not for money. For that person the amount of time to be happy may be much longer than yours. The bigger amount of things we have the more amounts of them we want.In my opinion life will not be worth living without goals. It would be unexciting and that is why we always want something more and something different from what we wanted before. Otherwise all of our goals will be accomplished; imagine your life without any wants or needs, imagine your life when you have everything you ever wanted… I think such life would be very boring and dull. If you have no goals you have nothing to do, you have nothing to want, you have everything. Why would you do something while your life is “perfect”? The fulfillment will fade away and you will start looking for something different which will bring you to a new goal. Humans cannot live without any ambitions. And that should be a fact.

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