IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 125 Volume 6 (V6E125)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts. Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.

Books are an important part of many people’s lives in the world today. With such a wide variety of topics that books are written on; they can be broadly classified into fiction and non-fiction. These two types each have their own merits and it would not be fair to only read about ‘real events, real people’ when there can be so much to learn from imaginary events and people.

Non-fiction has greater practical value in the ‘real’ world and the information gleaned can be applied intensely at home, at work or in school. Various topics of interest can be researched easily and a greater knowledge level can be obtained. Yet the disadvantage of non-fiction lies in the fact that nothing happens to excite the mind and spirit. In short, many people find these books ‘boring’ since only facts are provided. However well written the book may be, in the end it leaves little room for the imagination. Consequently this is an area where fiction excels.

With various stories on different characters, places, fantastical storylines and evil villains, the journey through fictional books can be one filled with adventure and excitement. The reader may be left with ideas that will serve in many areas. Fiction provides great scope for the mind to think creatively. In fact, many of books written to portray ‘imaginary’ events or characters can educate and send a subtle message through the book. This effective technique has been used successfully by a large number of writers. Yet it is true that many people cease to enjoy fiction, as they grow older failing to see its importance in the world. This perspective is not entirely untrue because dragons, castles or evil aliens will not help an engineer in any way as it might help him spend the same time by reading about how a particular bridge was constructed in Germany.

Therefore, both non-fiction and fiction provide an equal number of opportunities for people to cultivate their mind. The best solution, it would seem is to read both fiction and non-fiction and have the best of both worlds.

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