IELTS Cue Card 52: Describe an interesting animal

Animals are beautiful creature. Thousands of animals are living on the planet. I love all animals but here I would like to talk about an animal which I find interesting and that animal is elephant .Elephant is Herbivorous and quadruped. If I talk about its physical anatomy, it has a long trunk which extends from its nose and it has two long teeth which come out from the sides of its jaw. This animal has some religious value also. There are many temples in India where idols of elephant are worshiped. A category of Saints raises elephants and lives with them as a family.

I vividly remember that when I was 14 years old then I visited to see a circus with my family then for the first time, I saw this huge animal riding on a bicycle. It was looking adorable because it was wearing a cap on its head and also a bell around its neck, it was playing tricks and doing some funny activities. So I became a big fan of elephants.

Moreover, last year I and my family visited zoo in Chandigarh and i saw a Brown and a black elephant. Additionally, I took ride on Elephant and i was feeling like a princess because in the old times, kings and Queens used to ride on was one of the unforgettable memories for me.

In fact in my childhood my parents bought me an elephant toy that could walk, sing and i used to play with it for long. At the end, I want to say that elephant is an animal which i find Interesting.

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