IELTS Cue Card 62: A performance you recently watched

I get plenty of opportunities to attend live performances. Here I would like to talk about the show that I attended just about two weeks back. It was a mime show and it was my first experience of this unique art.

Actually, mime is a unique technique in which the story is narrated only through body movements and facial expressions. In other words artist communicate without uttering a single word. I can say that this performance left me totally spellbound. The show was held in the local art centre and it was performed by a mime team from Delhi. There were about 8 artists. When they came on stage they were all wearing black T-shirts and trousers and had their faces painted white.

The act was about the importance of saving water. For the next 20 minutes artists portrayed the various ways that people waste water in day to day life. There was no stage setting, background arrangements or props for the show. The Artist themselves became the props.

It was interesting to watch how they had transformed themselves into different objects through postures and movements, for example, two of them went down on all fours and they became a car another sat on top and became the driver. In the next instant they rearranged themselves to form a tree. They moved on the stage quickly and confidently, showcasing their ideas.

Everything was just so clear that audience did not have any trouble understanding the message. For the first time I had an experience of that ‘actions speak louder than words’. The show managed to get across a very strong message about saving water. I was thoroughly impressed by the performance. I feel this technique is a wonderful and highly expressive form of art and it needs great acting skills and talent. So this was the live performance that I liked.


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