IELTS Cue Card 63: Describe a change that can improve your local area

I believe that there are several steps that can be taken to enhance my neighborhood and create a better living environment .Among them, the most desirable improvement would be the Setting up of a recreation Centre for the residents. It would be a building with the large open space which would serve as a common place for community people where they can get-together, socialize and hang-out with friends .In other words, it would be like a hub for community gathering as well as fun and entertainment. It should have facilities for sports, games, exercise & meditation and also for conducting parties, holding meetings. So it should preferably be situated at the centre of our residential area. There are vacant plots there which can be used for this purpose. And of course the Municipal Council needs to take the initiative in this matter.

Citizens just go to work, get back to home but have no place to wander around in the evening. Their only choice for entertainment is watching movies or mindlessly scrolling through social media so people are becoming more and more lonely, isolated and disconnected from society. In the past, there were close relationships with neighbor-hood and community.

So recreation centre would offer a practical remedy for this problem. It would be an ideal space where people can connect with each other, build a vibrant social life. They can interact, share their problems, news, gossips or bond with each other and all this would help them relax, unwind and build a strong sense of Community. The elders especially can have a fulfilling productivity and fun filled old age with their peers.

So I can say that the addition of such facility would be a game-changer for the lives of individuals, families and the community and I hope to see this change in the immediate future.


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